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Location: United Kingdom
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Coming from: Bulgaria
Sofia, Sofia
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Fonsorbes, France
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     Au Pair program is an International program for cultural exchange. Au Pair stands for a "bigger sister/brother". The Au Pair lives in the family and is provided free accommodation and food, as well as pocket money, and the family expects from her/him good childcare service and assistance in light housework.

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Au-Pair Lisa-marie Poppele, Germany Au-Pair Tamara Lopez, Spain
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Au-Pair Bella Shitova, Russian federation Au-Pair Adam Bartoš, Czech republic
Au-Pair Leidy Johanna Laiton Jaimes, Colombia Au-Pair Irene Escobal, Philippines
Au-Pair Jezeil Joy Gcel, Philippines Au-Pair Erika Esguerra, Colombia
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